Ep 17: Chicken and Biscuits

This week these two nutters yammer on about Izola’s food poisoning, and Chad’s getting old, going blind and falling apart in general.  Geeks 4 Kourageous Kids got an amazing comic donation from https://www.cornerstorecomics.com/ and now have an arsenal of Teen Titans comics to take to children in need.  The Academy nominates a very white list of folks #Oscarssowhite, TLC teaches us why just because you like the opposite sex that doesn’t make you gay, and we learn why stopping for a bite to eat after a robbery might be a bad idea.  Everything is AWESOME because we also welcome the Say What Podcast to our team on Fanboynation!  Chad is once again geeking out on comics and wants you all to read Manifest Destiny from Skybound.  AMAZING!