Ep 29: Do You Smell Popcorn?

This week on The Popcorn Podcast we are Tomless so you get the rough cuts.  Catch up with Chad and Izola while they discuss their time at WonderCon, their interviews with the cast of Unfriended, Insidious 3, and Falling Skies.  Chad was busy taking selfies with Colin Cunningham and judging store bought cleavage.  Izola keeps things classy like always with tales from the Magical Kingdom.  Geeks 4 Kourageous Kids had it’s Walk 4 Kids to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities, you get rundowns on Daredevil, Game of Thrones and Teen Mom OG, yes you read that right Teen Mom OG.  A ton of name dropping this week, Chad brings up an old Wonder Woman topic in preparation for the possible return of an old co-host.  Friend of the show Garfield Wilson joins the cast of Continuum, Peter Shinkoda kicks ass as Nobu on Daredevil and much more as Chad drops so many names in this episode Izolas back hurts from picking them all up.