Ep 38: I Don’t Like Spam Sir

kingsman__the_secret_service___blu_ray_concept_2_by_lemonhead118-d8gzxm8This week on The Popcorn Podcast three is company (or is it a crowd) when Chad, Izola and Piper get together for another snazzy chit chat.  ‘Kingsman The Secret Service’ is out on Bluray/DVD/VOD this week find out if it’s worth picking up.  You get more on Chad’s bromance with Garfield Wilson, Izola confesses to attending a Twilight Con, and Piper is trying he damndest to become Spider-Girl.   Tune in and hear the terrible trio fling you info on Hillywood, Dollar Shave Club, San Diego Comic Con, the casting of John Bernthal as the Punisher, and Chad loves ‘Snatch’… wait, what?


If you haven’t seen the ‘Supernatural’ Parody by Hillywood you can do so in the video below