Ep 73: Tommy Walker Joins Us for Daredevil Spoilercast

daredevil_season_2_poster_h_2015 (1)

It’s a full house in the episode as Tommy Walker (Daredevil) joins Chad, Izola and Piper to talk… well Daredevil!  SPOILERS, we jump feet first into Daredevil and spoil the crap out of it, so it you haven’t seen it yet you might want to check it out first Tommy gives us a little insight about his time onset for season one, weighs in on season 2 and gives a warm shout out to his fans the Tommy Cats. Somehow the topic takes a turn to Jared Fogle, SJW’s, and if you listen to this episode Piper might accidentally text you a picture of her boobs.  All that and more on this Daredevil-centric episode of the Popcorn Podcast.

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